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Instruction: "Total Number of Questions: 10
Each question carry 10 mark , no negative marking"

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none of the above
Used to register a global variable
Used to initialize a session.
Used to store variables of the current session


Print is a function where as echo is not.
Echo can take multiple parameters where as print cannot
They both behave the same.
Print can take multiple parameters where as echo cannot



Php pre processor
Hypeetext pre-processor
Personal Home Page
Private Home Page

/* commented code here */
// commented code to end of line
all of the above
# commented code to end of line


None of these
Find the last character of a string
Locate position of a string’s first character
Search for character within a string

" required /> < input name="MyArray[]" />
" required /> < input ="MyArray[]" />
< input name= MyArray[]/>
< input MyArray[] />